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The complete solution to retrieve, organize and rapidly access market data in financial databases all over the world with the powerful data server built-in and extensive trading software connectivity

Don't miss the latest improved version 1.2 release with lots of exciting features added!

Stock Explorer is available now as a part of StockFusion Studio. To access the product please download and install StockFusion Studio and then navigate to StockFusion program group in system menu and run Stock Explorer from there.

Download your copy now! (15 Mb)

Add performance and security to your portfolio. Feel world markets on your fingertips with Stock Explorer!

  • Built-in SOAP server to share your database over network or even broadcast to the whole world
  • Open WSDL API to access engine functions from Java™ and Microsoft .NET platforms
  • Easy point-and-click interface similar to Microsoft Outlook®
  • Stunning coloring original charting with arbitrary scaling and full history review
  • Interactive datasheet with fast virtual scrolling
  • Attractive summary report for each symbol
  • Personalised notes and comments to organize and secure your trading experience
  • Fast symbol search and selection by any text patter or symbol
  • Visual maintenance of multiple portfolios from one optimized desktop
  • Free world wide historical and daily quotes directly from Yahoo® Finance
  • Uncompromised reliability of enterprise scale data warehousing with Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2®
  • Top performance Oracle© driver compatible with Oracle time series warehouses for 9i and 10g families
  • Native read-write support of the latest Metastock® format
  • Full access to world leading financial data suppliers such as TC2000® and QuotesPlus®
  • Reading and writing comma separated text files (CSV)
  • Powerful stock finder to quickly scan and absorb all quotes data on you hard drive
  • Ever extending family of data drivers to support newly emerging formats
  • Open standard for third party independent development of new drivers
  • Easy migration of entire databases across formats
  • Persistent data linking with full automated update
  • Easy relinking option enables to switch provider on the fly or combine multiple providers
  • Manual data repair facility, editing of individual values, new row and column insertion
  • Interactive data paste and copying using Windows clipboard
  • Open SQL compatible storage schema
  • Reliable high speed access to external data sources using ODBC and DCOM
  • Free powerful DCOM API for integration of StockFusion® engine into your custom trading software
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