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Historical performance analysis with advanced statistics

Strategy Backtesting Engine

  • All standard trading statistics
  • Separate analysis of long and short trades
  • Full list of trade executions
  • Profit / loss evaluation per trade
  • Profitability chart of capital evolution
  • Account for entry / exit commissions
  • Fixed capital and capitalization tests


Creating backtest report

  • Create or open a chart
  • Select forecasting algorithm
  • Select trading strategy or script
  • User charting ribbon:
  • Chart analysis (ribbon tab)
  • View (ribbon group)
  • Performance (button)

Backtesting parameters

  • Account: Number of shares to trade
  • Commission / trade : Trading commissions on entry and exit from the trade
  • Minimum change: Minimum price change to trigger trading signal. This should be equal to point value, if any

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