Trading Script

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Trading script language with validation and immediate execution

Scripting of Trading Strategies

  • Easy scripting of your trading strategies
  • Scripting language for auto-trading
  • Non-procedural scientific language
  • Vector programming language
  • Designed specifically for developing of trading systems
  • Large collection of built-in vector operations and technical indicators


Trading script components

  • Every strategy consists of four scripts:
    • Buy script
    • Sell script
    • Exit long script
    • Exit short script
  • All strategy scripts are optional
  • At least one entry and exit script should be filled for the strategy to execute

Trading script editor

  • Centralized management of scripts
  • Persistent script storage
  • Trading strategy script library
  • Editing of buy/sell and entry/exit in four side-by-side windows
  • Side bar script function guide with immediate insertion capability
  • Script validation with error reporting

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