Indicators in multiple windows

Q: When I insert moving averages into a price chart, they appear together with the price curve (in candlesticks form); that is OK. However, when I insert oscillators, they appear at the lower part of the same chart (not in separate windows), making the upper part (price curve + moving averages) highly compressed and illegible. Can I display oscillators in separate chart/window below the price chart to leave more space for the latter?
A: On the chart ribbon find “Indicator” group. Use it to manage indicators.
  1. Select from up to four available chart panes in “Window” combo box on top.
  2. Select any indicator in “Available” combo box on bottom.
  3. Hit “Add” button to add selected indicator to selected window.
  4. Indicator will move into combo “Active”, containing all selected indicators.
  5. New window will appear showing the selected indicator, if it was now visible before.
  6. Hit “Remove” button to remove selected active indicator from chart.
  7. Hit “Clear” to remove all indicators from all charts.