Missing values in indicators

Q: In some cases, indicators have some points missing or are completely void. Does it mean that system does not work?
A: We offer the full-fledged expert system in market forecasting. Unlike the vast majority of simple technical indicators, it makes very complicated market modeling to produce expert inference on the future market trends. As any real expert, out technology cannot always have the exact opinion on the market trend. In some cases, it may have just not enough data for that. Then the user is responsible to provide more market depth to algorithm to expect more accuracy. In other cases, data appear just too volatile or dubious to make any clear expert decision. In such situation, expert system gives the void result, which means “no clear advice available on the moment”. As any professional and honest expert, our system is not afraid to admit its limitations in certain situations. It is much better to sustain from advice, if conditions are vague, than giving false advise and provoking possible losses. 

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