Displacement issues

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Q: TradeStation, Ninja Trader and other trading platforms allow showing indicators with some displacement against original price chart. How we can pick up the best displacement for indicators? A: Our platform is not just another technical indicator suite. Instead, it is the complex forecasting engine carefully tuned up to the incoming data stream. We took extraordinary efforts to ensure the precise synchronization with the incoming data to achieve the best possible accuracy...

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Adding new symbols to symbol lookup list

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It may eventually happen that your favorite symbol is not present in our Yahoo symbol lookup database, for example, due to a lag in database update. In this case, it is very easy to add symbol to lookup list, happen it is valid symbol existing on Yahoo Finance. Go to “Home & Basics > Symbol” and simply enter proper symbol into search box. Then hit “Search” button. Symbol will be permanently added to lookup list and show up on chart.

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Yahoo exchanges

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StockFusion Studio supports all world exchanges EOD data free of any subscription fees with its new Yahoo data provider. All registered customers are encouraged to download new version with a lot of other exciting extensions at http://www.stockfusion.net/download/sfstudio.exe Data are courtesy of Yahoo Finance http://finance.yahoo.com/exchanges Supported exchanges include: American Stock Exchange BATS Trading Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Mercantile Exchange NASDAQ Stock...

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The accuracy of trading performance back testing

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Even beginner trader is well aware how important is testing of trading strategy on historical price data to estimate its efficiency. Everybody who tried to write own strategies in Metastock® or Trade Station® was able to watch performance charts of initial capital growth throughout the period of strategy execution and also everybody observed typical statements: “past performance is not a guarantee or a reliable indication of future results” which typically accompany...

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